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Frisky Puchie Paw Print “Most men are within a finger's breadth of being mad.”—Diogenes

Frisky Scripts Porn Parody Fan Fiction Movie Slate

  1. Chocolate in Vanilla DVD Cover Chocolate in Vanilla

    Water in Milk parody. Pretentious Art House smut.

  2. The Fucking A-team DVD Cover The Fucking A-Team

    The A-team parody. A classic 1980s hit TV show reborn for porn.

  3. The Fucking Dead DVD Cover The Fucking Dead

    The Walking Dead parody. Fuck the dead ... Fuck the living, too.

  4. Gachaman DVD Cover Henry O's Gachaman

    Gatchaman parody. Always five, but with two in every hole.

  5. Hi, My Slutty Sweetheart DVD Cover Hi, My Slutty Sweeetheart

    Hi, My Sweetheart parody. A slut is but a flower that has been plucked one too many times.

  6. It's a Miserable Life DVD Cover It's a Miserable Life

    It's a Wonderful Life parody. Zuzu's petals won't be the same.

  7. It Started with a Sloppy Kiss DVD Cover It Started with a Sloppy Kiss

    It Started with a Kiss parody. It's not a kiss unless it's sloppy.

  8. The Moldy Philes DVD Cover The Moldy Philes

    The X-Files parody. The truth lies between a pair of sexy legs.

  9. Screwby-Doo Mysteries DVD Cover Screwby-Doo Mysteries

    Scooby-Doo parody. It's a whole new meaning to "Scooby snacks."

  10. The Sexxxy Wolverine DVD Cover The Sexxxy Wolverine

    The Wolverine parody. Life is a bitch. Immortality a whore.

  11. The X Flash DVD Cover The X Flash

    The Flash parody. Where speed blurs lust and gender identity.

  12. Xxxena: Warrior Ho DVD Cover Xxxena: Warrior Ho

    Xena parody. A ho is not a choice, but a lifestyle.