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Frisky Puchie Paw Print “I want minimum information given with maximum politeness.”—Jackie Kennedy

About Frisky Tails Page 1 Movie Slate

What the heck is Frisky Tails about?
Frisky Tails is porn parody fan fiction scripts that don't follow traditional porn industry formulas.
All Frisky Scripts are inspired by JAV (Japanese Adult Videos) and follow that style of storytelling and sexual content— although not religiously. (Henry O has his own style that seeps through the storytelling.)
Frisky Scripts are parodies based on movies, tv, books, manga, American comics, hentai and even other porn (vintage porn in particular). Although Henry O mostly concentrates on parodies, he will, on ocassion, work on an original script.
Frisky Scripts don't follow the traditional screenplay format. It's more of a novel written in a screenplay form, a script novel. Henry O would like to take credit for creating a new form of writing, but alas, he first saw a writer writing in this format on a website somewhere and decided it was a marriage born in heaven.
Henry O and Frisky Tails does not own any characters that appear in the porn parodies unless the characters are original characters created to interact with the parodied characters owned by their respective owners.
That means: all parodied characters and related materials are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective owners and license holders. Frisky scripts are not endorsed or sponsored by any affiliates or partners of the owners of the trademarked and copyrighted characters.
If you reference the scripts and artwork on this website, please credit the work to Henry O and give a link back to Frisky Tails. Thanks!
A final word: porn is not real. It is just fantasy, like Hollywood films. We are all adults here. Whether we are mature adults is another thing. Henry O does not condone any violence or harassment toward women. Everything created for this website is fantasy and fantasy roleplay. With that being said, have fun. Enjoy the scripts.