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Frisky Puchie Paw Print “Frisky Tails is porn for a sexier tomorrow”—Henry O

I would like to remind everyone that on June 30, 2017, I will stop making updates on Frisky Tails. All updates will be made on Patreon. If you would like to continue reading your favorite Frisky Script, please sign up as a Patron.

Interested in supporting Frisky Tails? There are four easy ways: (1) Become a Patron at (2) Buy products on Frisk Me. (3) Exchanging links: just place a link on your website and use the contact page to tell me where you placed your link and the website url you would like me to give a link back. (4) Spreading the word about Frisky Tails on your social networking/media accounts: facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. Any kind of help would be appreciated. Thanks!

—Henry O

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  1. Briell Tyler Frisk Me

    Frisk Me Web Store


  2. Xxxena: Warrior Ho DVD Cover

    Xxxena: Warrior Ho

    Coming sooon

  3. Screwby-Doo Mysteries DVD Cover

    Screwby-Doo Mysteries

    10 Pages

  4. The Fucking Dead DVD Cover

    The Fucking Dead

    13 Pages

  5. The Sexxxy Wolverine DVD Cover

    The Sexxxy Wolverine

    10 Pages

  6. Chocolate in Vanilla DVD Cover

    Chocolate In Vanilla

    107 Pages

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